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All Our Minds® is a new collective formed to explore all aspects of electronic music production

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A new musical design system featuring the building blocks of electronic music. NOW solves the problem of juggling multiple tools spread across a typical DAW project. Redesigned to speed up your creativity and evolve your sound without complication, NOW is a comprehensive set of tools and FX configured to streamline your work, transforming tuning and music theory into a creative act.


A four-channel multi-timbral sampling engine tightly integrated to dramatically speed up your workflow.

Color is
the Key

A revolution in simplicity, the color code uses RGB to visually show notes that will work in your scale.


Capture the moment of creativity in a state of synergistic flow.


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All Our Minds® believes in the power of collaboration and community. Creatives and music producers are invited to shape the future of our journey, step-by-step, note-by-note